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Deer Isle Group


Founded in 2007, Deer Isle is a differentiated investment bank that empowers Capital Participants with the right tools to ensure transparent, smooth, and efficient direct capital markets outreach. Since our founding, we have successfully transacted over $5 billion in capital, through Deer Isle Capital, LLC (our FINRA registered broker/dealer), for companies and funds in a wide variety of security types, sectors, and geographies.  

The foundation of our approach is innovative unbundled capital capabilities, expertise, and guidance that are customizable depending upon our client’s requirements.  

Our services, available on an “as needed” basis include:

Strategic Capital ConsultingTM (“Deer Isle Bootcamp”) to prepare for a capital or M&A transaction including Strategic Capital PositioningTM, Strategic Capital Modeling, Due Diligence Preparation and Capital Markets Landscaping.

Beacon (“Proprietary Technology”) offers “Direct Issuance/Contact” capabilities, as well as Capital Markets Brand Building, which helps ensure capital markets success today and in the future from a relevant universe of 10,000+ institutional (fiduciary) capital markets organizations/45,000+ institutional capital markets people

Closing Advisory/Guidance (including “Shepherding”) expertise, through Deer Isle Capital, for structuring, negotiating, and completing a successful capital/M&A transaction.