About Us

Successful, Transparent, Effective, and Efficient Capital Solutions

Deer Isle Group empowers Capital Participants with the right tools to ensure transparent, smooth, and efficient direct capital markets solutions.

We have successfully transacted over $5 billion in capital, through Deer Isle Capital, LLC (our FINRA registered broker/dealer), for companies and funds in a wide variety of security types, sectors, and geographies. 

We are independently owned, comprised of an experienced team with an entrepreneurial culture who care about our clients. We work with our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.

The foundation of our approach is innovative, unbundled expertise, and guidance that provides customizable capital solutions.

Deer Isle’s services, capabilities and guidance may be engaged individually or in combination to assist at every step of the capital process in order to achieve goals and vision.

The Lighthouse

For centuries, lighthouses have served as a symbol of strength and safety – a beacon for mariners returning home, a navigational aid along a journey, and a marker for safe passage.

Since 2007, Deer Isle Group has provided personalized expert guidance to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the capital process, build lasting relationships, and achieve their goals.

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