Beacon Fintech

Connect to Your Total Addressable Capital Market

Achieve capital goals by leveraging technology to directly contact your Total Addressable Capital Market (“TACM”) using the Deer Isle proprietary D.I.G. Beacon technology (“Beacon“).

Beacon has been developed for today’s capital market conditions where most capital counterparties want direct communication and relationships. The market values “proprietary” transactions.

Therefore, Beacon improves both short- and long-term capital outcomes by enabling users to directly communicate with capital counterparties using their own communications for a capital ask as well as to maintain consistent engagement through active investor relations or business development to build trust and capital markets brand.

The Beacon approach is Cost Effective, Timely, Transparent & Successful.

Using Beacon directly reach a relevant subset (your TACM) of potential capital counterparties from a universe of:

10,000+ US capital providing (fiduciary) organizations

42,000+ contacts.

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