Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Deer Isle Group and its affiliates aspire to use social and environmental best practices in its operations and the operations of all investments.

Deer Isle is a company which operates globally and strives to improve its social and environmental impact on its community around the world. We aspire to help people meet their potential and improve their social welfare without producing negative effects and leaving future generations with more limited resources that would affect their social well-being.

In addition, Deer Isle strives to ensure that human rights are not violated in or by any of its activities, best practice labor standards are utilized, the environment is not harmed and local laws/traditions are respected.

Deer Isle also conducts its and investment company operations with a goal of having minimal impact on its environment and of operating in the most environmentally friendly manner as possible.

Within this context Deer Isle has an initiative to encourage issuers and capital seekers to measure their activities within these areas and to report the results to investors.

In addition, Deer Isle encourages its stakeholders to also engage in social and environmental best practices.

Deer Isle has a proactive process for ensuring that employees and other stakeholders understand its policy and provides training to encourage their commitment.