Strategic Capital Consulting™

Capital Success Happens With Institutional Preparation

Our experience and flexible service model helps ensure institutional level preparedness for capital success. Our capabilities can be used by business owners or business management, GP’s for their own fund raising as well as for portfolio companies, advisors, LP’s or other capital market participants.

Articulating a clear and compelling institutional investment proposition is complex and requires strategy, investment banking, due diligence and capital markets experience which is the core of the Deer Isle team’s expertise.

We focus on transitioning business strategies which is “what does the organization do” to institutional investment opportunities which is “what’s in it for the capital counterparty”. This transition is one of the keys to success since Institutional capital market participants expect a certain standard of preparation in order for both parties to achieve best outcomes.

In order to maximize success and minimize time, Deer Isle has developed an Institutional 4 Capital Pillar Framework which is the basis for the Deer Isle Executive Managment Bootcamp or the Deer Isle Executive Management Bootcamp Sprint.

The Executive Managment Bootcamp or Bootcamp Sprint uses the Deer Isle Institutional 4 Pillar Framework as a foundation for a proprietary playbook that includes Deer Isle developed self-assessments, worksheets, templates, and checklists to create a clear and concise plan for transforming a business strategy into an investment opportunity.

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