AI IS NOT REPLACING HUMANKIND! 7 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Is AI ready to take over humanity anytime soon?  The answer is a resounding “no” after running a very simple experiment. 

CoPilot (whose algorithms are based upon GPT-4) was asked to summarize 2023 capital trends from 3 different websites1 which track, write about and post capital raising trends, CoPilot’s (read the results AI GENERATED 2023 CAPITAL TRENDS: Did AI Nail Them – No!!)  rudimentary, random, and superficial responses highlighted several important areas which must be fixed before AI can even begin to replicate the ability of the human mind to consolidate information and solve problems.

Problem AreaProblem
Question PrecisionAsking CoPilot the same question with slightly different wording (differences a human would understand are not meaningful within the context) resulted in dramatically different answers.
Answer DetailCoPilot seems to only deliver a few (4 to 5 bullets in” Precision” Mode) of information even though it is clear from the source that there is more relevant information.
Answer RelevanceAnswers are clearly snippets of information that do not relate to one another or provide a relevant, comprehensive summary.
Question OrderCoPilot assumes a logic from questions that have been asked so the order in which questions are asked creates different answers.
Computer UsedIf 2 people ask the same question from 2 different computers, 2 different responses seem to be generated.
Creative, Balanced or Precision ModeDramatically different responses are given based upon whether the “Creative”, “Balanced” or “Precision” modes are chosen.  Creative mode seems to be a reasonably random (not identical) summary written in a “human voice”  of Precision mode. Balanced mode also presents findings in a “human voice” and seems to be a nice balance of a summary and data but the data it presents is not as detailed or exactly correlated to Precision mode. Precision mode delivers data in separate bullets with a source reference.
Follow Up InformationAsking CoPilot for more “follow up” information sometimes generates additional information and sometimes repeats the initial, already delivered information (whether follow up information is delivered is independent of whether additional information is available).

Use AI where it is appropriate but do not expect it to be able to provide answers or relevant solutions without human intervention any time soon.

1 Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and Preqin

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