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Fashionable Skirt Heights are Rising – Does this bode well for Stock Prices!?

It seems that both women and the stock market are feeling optimistic.  If you window shop on Madison Avenue – most window displays are showing shorter fashions.  The stock market, based upon many forecasts, is unexpectedly buoyant.  Coincidence?  Maybe not!  See the “Hemline Index.”

Deer Isle Group believes that early preparation for your (or your portfolio company) capital raise is important for best outcomes.  Early preparation includes turning your business proposition into an investment proposition as well as building your capital markets brand.  Contact us at if you want a free assessment of your preparation.

Capital Provider Interest – We have interest in any companies that are raising capital that have $5 to 25 million in EBITDA in basic industries.

ESG – Hampers Globalization!? – As ESG/Impact rules change and diverge across geographies, it makes it harder to operate on a global basis and follow all the rules.

Private Credit – Less Bank Liquidity/Better Credit Metrics for Credit Funds – With banks not lending, Credit Funds are now seeing demand from top quality borrowers who would usually receive favorable credit terms from their bankers.

Venture Capital – September the Magic Time? Hearing that market participants are expecting Venture Capital liquidity to start to unfreeze in Sept as public markets tech rally starts to spill into private markets.