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Hollywood and AI Clash!

Striking Hollywood screenwriters and actors have included compensation for residuals which includes how AI uses streaming and other publicly available but “owned” information on their list of strike demands.

As we mentioned in our May Newsletter, the issue of how AI uses intellectual property, copy rights and other information that has been created by “others” will be one of the big issues for content and idea generators as they monetize their creations.  There is a grey area around a “machine” taking information and using it – have intellectual property, copyright or other ownership rights been violated and, if so, how do the owners get compensated?

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Capital Provider Interest – We have interest in companies that are looking for debt financing that have reoccurring $5 to 25 million in EBITDA.

 Emerging Funds – FOF’s are being formed to focus on Emerging Funds – Larger LP’s who can not allocate to emerging manager’s due to minimum investment size requirements are starting to fund specialized FOF’s in order to gain the exposure to smaller managers that they desire.

 Venture Capital/Private Equity – “Dirty Term Sheets” used for down rounds – Companies and their existing investors are skirting full impact of down rounds by using terms that enable a high per share prices but give very favorable liquidation preferences to new investors.  For example a 30% discount on warrants and pref payout (full return of capital) on exit.

 Venture Capital – Fund Raising Continues to be Very Hard. Continuing to hear about tough fund-raising conditions.  Our solution is to “stay in the market” and maintain strong investor relations.