IF LIQUIDITY RETURNS IN 2024: 3 Steps to Prepare

As liquidity potentially returns to the capital markets, it will likely “normalize” at a level which is significantly lower than the boom years given caution was thrown to the winds during the boom years and capital markets activity did not represent long term capital activity trends.

There is a good chance of liquidity returning to the markets given the record amount of dry powder available in most asset classes and the likelihood that interest rates have stabilized with a significant chance of starting to decline. 

Dry Powder by Asset Class:

  • $2.59 trillion in Private Equity Dry Powder1
    • 40% higher than 5 years ago, and 3x higher than a decade ago1
    • 21% held by the top 25 Private Equity firms1
  • $280 billion of Venture Capital Dry Powder as of 20232
    • With few deals in 2023, estimates are that much of this dry powder is still available
  • $205 billion of Real Estate Dry Powder 3
  • $400 Billion in Private Credit Dry Powder 4

Even with this amount of dry powder, it is likely that any transaction activity will be grounded in financial fundamentals as market participants will remain cautious given their experience over the last few years.

Prepare for these potential conditions as soon as possible in order to maximize the likelihood of success.

Alignment of Finances and Operations to StrategyFor a capital seeker to gain trust and credibility in the capital markets, it is important to ensure that the financial plans match the operational plans.  When these do not match, credibility and trust is eroded.
Build Brand / Expand RelationshipsUse consistent communications to expand relationships as well as build brand recognition efficiently and effectively.  The most successful organizations consistently work on expanding depth and breadth of relationships as well as their brand since these are some of the factors that help ensure organizational success.
Support for Growth PlansWell-developed growth plan support is key to accelerating transaction success.  This support should be developed early so that it is done in a professional and high quality manner.

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