PRESS RELEASE             For Immediate Release

Deer Isle Releases D.I.G. BeaconTM v.3, a Tech Solution for Successful Institutional Capital Transactions

Reach ~10,000 Institutional Capital Providing Organizations (42,000+ contacts)

Using 1,000+ Attributes

Deer Isle Group, LLC, a differentiated investment bank, that leverages technology to provide transparent, efficient and effective capital solutions in the institutional capital markets, is pleased to announce that it is releasing D.I.G. BeaconTM v.3.  D.I.G. BeaconTM enables capital participants (including Venture and Middle Market Companies as well as Alternative Asset Management Funds) to reach a relevant subset of potential capital providers and other capital market counterparties from a universe of ~10,000 Institutional (fiduciary) organizations which represent 42,000+ people using 1,000+ attributes.

The D.I.G. BeaconTM technology solution solves the problem of reaching an organization’s Total Addressable Capital Market (“TACM”) – all potential capital which might have interest in a potential capital transaction.  Release v.3 is designed to use AI-enhanced filtering technology to identify relevant parties more precisely.  Within 2 weeks of signing up, it enables organizations to not only undertake a “direct issuance” with relevant counterparties but to also build engagement and virtual relationships within the broader capital markets which, in addition to having interest in a particular transaction, might be relevant over a longer time period.

Public and private organizations understand that capital provider engagement is required for the highest valuations as well as for raising the most amount of capital.  In fact, the valuation delta from “superb investor relations to poor investor relations can be up to 30%”1

Until now – organizations which want to engage capital counterparties have had to rely upon news releases and webcasting combined with their internally generated CRM lists.   According to a CISION + NIRI Report, the top 3 solutions that are critical for IR programs are 1) News Dissemination (wire), 2) Webscasting and 3) IR contact CRM2.

News releases and webcasts can connect with a broad set of potential capital providers as well as help build a capital markets brand but are low on direct engagement.  While managing and maintaining updated CRM lists requires a tremendous amount of effort in what are often considered low value-add activities.

The Deer Isle solution is the first time that direct engagement with a broad set of relevant potential capital counterparties is combined with the ability to proactively measure engagement with them.

“Deer Isle is pleased to continue to improve and offer tools that empower and amplify an organization’s ability to successfully complete capital transactions” says Dianna Raedle, CEO Deer Isle Group, “We believe that effectively leveraging technology is an important aspect of capital markets success.  As markets become more competitive, it is important to be able to connect with capital efficiently and successfully to not only ask for capital but to also convey a strategic financial narrative in a manner that increases value.”

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2  Cision and NIRI Release 2021 State of Investor Relations Report