CAPITAL PLAN 2024: 3 Important Current Considerations!

It’s November and January 2024 will shortly be here!  Part of year end planning should include budgeting time, money and resources for any 2024 plans.  It can be expected that the capital markets journey will likely take longer than in the recent past given current market conditions.

TimeNot only is the time for transaction execution longer now than in the past, but also a plan should include longer preparation time since most capital market participants will demand better and more complete information than in the past.
MoneyThe amount of money budgeted for 2024’s capital plan should include not only the direct cost of a capital transaction but also the longer time that it is likely to take (ie: budget for potential gaps between funding needs and funding availability).
ResourcesGiven the amount of time and money that will likely be required to complete a successful 2024 transaction, plan for an adequate type and number of resources with the right experience.  It is often wise to plan on short term advisory or consulting help when a capital plan is being considered so that no time or money is wasted.

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