DEER ISLE: Insights, Flows & Investment Trends

As we close out the year, find out how we can help with your capital markets journey – preparation, using a Fintech solution to expedite a “direct issuance” or to close. We can be reached at for a free assessment of our ability to help.

Capital Provider Interest– Taking lessons from Charlie Munger – Demand is strong for “great companies with fair valuations”

Private Credit Funds: Will 2024 be the best vintage year for Private Credit Funds?  Certainly, underwriting standards are pricing in high interest rates and if rates come down – 2024 investors will benefit.

Venture Capital Companies – Valuations down 80 to 90% even for companies with over $50 million in revenue.  If there is significant negative burn, capital is unforgiving.

Private Equity – New equity is often “structured” equity requiring significant minimum yields or MOIC.  New capital has advantage and older capital suffers.